Sunday, November 8, 2009

Caro Mio

If you like a high tea or a clairvoyant reading...or perhaps a combination of both.. then this is the cafe for you. Caro Mio in Stanley Street Woolloongabba. It's got some really nice art deco fixtures including a grandfather clock and little fanned wall lights... but this lamp by the cash register was my favourite. Fantastic.


Annie said...

Sorry, not inot clairvoyancy...though I don't mind coffee


just wanted to tell you I think I worked out the coat of arms below...left a comment there...did you know it?

Julie said...

I love art-deco trimmings. I also love the word Woolloongabba. Must be related to our Wooloomooloo!

Hilary said...

Great picture, I love Art Deco! Is that someone from the Other Side to the left of the picture??

Leif Hagen said...

That's place has style, class, panache! (Besides the tea and scones!)

cara said...

Hilary, if you mean my friend who was paying for her drinks then yes! We didn't experience many cross-overs that night (but there were a couple of cross dressers).

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