Sunday, August 23, 2009

Winter Wonderland

We're having a bit of a mid-winter heatwave at the moment. The weekend temperatures are up around 30 degrees with it getting even hotter on monday and tuesday. This is a shot of Streets Beach - a man-made riverside lagoon in the centre of the city that many locals and tourists head to if they don't have time to drive the hour it takes to get to a real beach. Perfect on a summer evening if you live or work nearby... and most days less crowded.

This was taken yesterday at about 1.30pm when all skin-cancer conscious heads were buried deep in the sand (while getting an attractive brown bum).


observer said...

how long have you lived in Brisbane? late August is not mid-winter

cara said...

apologies! we are talking late winter here with the first day of spring about a week away. Being English I usually try and remember where I am seasonally by thinking the exact opposite of what i am used to, with August being the height of summer. 4 years here clearly hasn't shaken that habit.
Thanks for visiting.

Lowell said...

Not good laying out there in the least not for more than 15 minutes!

We have an explosion of skin cancer in Florida. I've had a couple of the less severe ones removed in recent years.

Live and learn? Not so much.

Tim Pasqualone said...

If you look closely, there is a beach in this shot...!

Pauline said...

Love it! Summer doesn't even get this good in Sweden. Took liberty to link from my blog to this post in yours.

Jim said...

We're having a bit of a winter heatwave in Sydney too. Thank you, global warming.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Andreea said...

Mid-winter, late winter, who cares? You guys have 30 degrees in winter! :) Where I live, a heatwave in winter will be getting up to 5 degrees.

cewmont said...

I had to stop and think for a moment--ok--you are talking 30 degrees celsius, about 86 degrees fahrenheit. Ok--I could sit on the beach in that temperature!

That's a great photo especially considering how many people are in that shot!

Stefan Jansson said...

I wish the winters in Sweden looked like this!

Buck said...

I found the blog via Skywatch Friday and was looking round when I saw this. I really liked reading that it was man-made in the city, and then sure enough, the photo just shows the city peeping round in back.

Our mid-winter heat waves tend to be more like 30F than 30C!

Lovely blog.

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