Saturday, August 22, 2009

Art Deco Building

There are some beautiful Art Deco buildings around Brisbane. This one, an apartment block on Vulture Street in South Brisbane, is one of my favourites.


the foto fanatic said...

Lovely building, nice light. Hope you're feeling better.

cara said...

cheers! yes much better now, thanks.

Paddy said...

do you know if its just Art Deco Style, or is it art deco era too?

Shorely that would make it one of Bris's oldest buildings then??

cara said...

It's original Art Deco as far as I know. There are loads of Art Deco buildings in Brisbane. The XXXX brewery building is the most famous but there are lots of small blocks of flats and houses dotted around as well as a big old department store, factories and warehouses. Brisbane's oldest buildings date back to Victorian times. And Paddy if I can just bore you for a minute more, the oldest building in Brisbane on record is an old windmill which is still there minus the sails in the middle of the city. I will get around to posting a picture of that one day but it was constructed by convicts in the late 1820s. That was before Brisbane was even officially declared a town.

Anonymous said...

there are a couple in Coorparoo I recently noticed (Old Cleveland Rd

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