Sunday, August 2, 2009

City Hall Angle

Brisbane City Hall is a beautiful old building (1920s) in the centre of Brisbane. It houses the fantastic Museum of Brisbane as well as various concerts throughout the year. Hundreds of people become Australian citizens here every year in a big grand ceremony and you can even go on a tour up the clock tower. At the moment there is a problem with a lot of the concrete walls within the building in that they're falling apart. It's going to cost A$120 million to sort it out. It cost A$480,000 to build... I wonder what that is in today's money?


Leif Hagen said...

Big, beautiful, Brisbane building!

Annie said...

Ah, very nice..I took some the other day on the way home from New Farm. They will probably appear on my post tomorrow. This is a good angle!

Mrs Santa said...

On the rare occasions when we came to town in the fifties, we kids used to beg Mum to take us up the City Hall tower in the lift - just to see the view -'cos it was Bris's tallest building. We tried to time it for 12 o'clock - just to hear the chimes!

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