Sunday, August 16, 2009

Things Here Are A Bit Pear Shaped

Here we are at the Queensland Art Gallery on the south bank of the Brisbane River. Not to be mixed up with the Gallery of Modern Art, next door. At the moment they have a huge exhibition of impressionist and realist works from New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. I can't imagine the care that must go in to transporting that precious cargo halfway around the world. Grudgingly, I agreed not to take any pictures.

On the up side, they let me snap away in other parts of the gallery. This is the appropriately named "3 Pears" by artist George Baldessin. That third one is tucked in behind - you can just see the stalk from this angle. They looked to me like they were made from bronze but the label said no, "polyurethane with shellac finish" so there you go. Easy to lift in case of intercontinental exhibitions... or if you're in a rush. Read a time line of George Baldessin's life and works and see a very handsome picture of him here.

The gallery gets very creative with this pool of water and, depending on the exhibition, floats things on it, creates stepping stones and walkways through it, uses it a means of reflection... and that's just the few times I've visited. It's not very deep - maybe 5-10 cm.


Tim Pasqualone said...

great great great photo :)

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Really good photo. Black and white says it much better than colour would I think.

The Travelling Teapot

Hey Harriet said...

I love how you've captured the '3 pears' so beautifully! I visited the gallery a couple of weeks ago and took some pics of those pears but mine are really crappy :(

Pearl Maple said...

Brisbane really does have some pretty views and enjoying how you are presenting them.

Ram N said...

Wonderful pictures around cara, good to know and continue to know about a new city. Thanks for Linking Chennai to your list and would be reciprocating your act in my site too.


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