Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nearly done

The under-whelming "Soleil" building is nearing completion and has taken it's place on the Brisbane skyline, dwarfing everything nearby. 464 apartments, 74 floors high. Prices start at A$370K.


the foto fanatic said...

Can't say that it's a big hit with me either, Cara.

Seems to be a needle looking for a bloody great haystack.

Joanna said...

Higher seems to be the thing to do now with architects. I like the way you placed it between the two palm trunks.

Inner Artist said...

"Underwhelming" but overpowering, I'd say. I wouldn't like to live in it either. It looks as though it would bend and sway in our sub-tropical storms.

AL said...

Perhaps it wouldn't look so bad if it wasn't such a dark colour! I read that we are to get several more high-rise towers, one even taller than 'Soleil'.

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