Thursday, August 25, 2011


Australia woke yesterday to the horrific news that eleven people including eight kids had perished in an infernal house fire in Slacks Creek just south of Brisbane. They were from two families, one Tongan and one Samoan, and spanned three generations. As the day wore on, we heard about the father who had jumped from the upper floor and called to his wife to help their five kids jump onto the mattress he was setting up but she and all five kids were found later in the ruins all huddled together. Members of both communities arrived at the scene and started singing so beautifully in amongst all that agony. It was absolutely heart-breaking.

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biebkriebels said...

What a terrible story, I heard it here in the news on the radio. Heartbreaking the loss of all those people in such a cruel way.

Mrs Santa said...

The absolute pits!

Ann said...

It was a terrible tragedy.

Mozette said...

One of my neighbours works with the man who risked his life. He lost his mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother as well as his whole family. It was his brother's house they were staying at.
They were all staying overnight there to attend a school event the next day and wanted to leave on time together.
There's been church services and the Salvation Army has opened a fund for the two brothers so they get back on their feet. The Samoan and Tongan Communities have also banded together to help them; it's been amazing.

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