Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ethiopian Restaurant, Moorooka

Moorooka is home to a large and vibrant African community. The main shopping area is home to cafes and restaurants from different African countries, money transfer services, afro-hairdressers and fab clothes shops. This restaurant is down a little laneway and was smelling pretty good when I was there despite it being closed. I must come back!


Lucas Kain said...

Never saw an Ethiopian shop before! :) Looks quite genuine, will be sure to visit!

call Nepal

Lauren in Brisbane said...

I think I bought injera bread from there once. It was delicious and quite amazing value - 10 huge pieces for around $5. Shame there was only one of me to eat it!

Have you been to Mu'ooz, the Eritrean restaurant down the way from there? It's fantastic.

Alan said...

You know, I've been meaning to try Ethiopian for years now and still haven't done it. My first resolution for London, right there.

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