Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Through The Window

Oblivious I was
Despite my many, contemplative visits
To the forces of nature
Present in the room

To the webbing and vining
And careful intertwining
To the sweet and slow surrender
Of this window to the elements

I was always in such a rush, you see
To leave and get back to my friends
That when I noticed it first
I was half way out the door

I stopped in my tracks
And sighed to myself.
You only get the vista
If you are a mista.


Mrs Santa said...

Wow Cara, one of your best posts yet!

What a photo! What wonderful words!

I'll laugh all morning!

cara said...

Ha! Thought you might like that one ;-)

Steve Capelin said...

Well done Mist ress Cara.

Alan said...

Is the poetry your work? I'm impressed. Especially the last two lines. And the photo is just brilliant! One of your best yet, Cara.

Anonymous said...

oh, how wonderful, you are a poet!

Milandailyphoto.com said...

i like this window on the nature

Pierre BOYER said...

I love this one too...
Very poetic...


Rae Walter said...

Wonderful pic and love the poetry Cara.

elsa said...

What a poetic picture! It helps us daydreaming!

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