Monday, April 5, 2010

Skate Arena

Red Hill Skate Arena was destroyed by fire in 2002. The ground is slowly creeping up to consume it.


Bill said...

I remember that arena, used it often in the 60s when I lived in Red Hill. It's a shame it hasn't been rebuilt.

Anonymous said...

I also well remember the Skate Arena Skating Rink in the 80's when I was a teenager being taught Competition Dance Skating by the legendary Dance Skating Coach - Late Mr Ron Irving & his Sons - Gary & Paul. This very Skating Rink produced some of the finest Artistic Roller Skaters in Australia! So Glad to hear that finally the Building will be Restored as best possible! I even have many Photos to offer of those 'Special Days' if ever needed to prove how special this Building is. Tremendous memories from someone who was inspired to now compete in Competition National Ballroom Championships to this very day... A very special Place, I can assure you & definitely worth keeping the heritage.

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