Monday, April 12, 2010


The CityGlider bus service is now officially up and running. Every 5-15 minutes, 24 hours a day, West End to Teneriffe via The Valley. It's cashless to speed things up so you have to have a prepaid ticket or a Go-Card but if you travel before April 30th it's completely free. Bargain.


Julie said...

All a bit colour coded for me.

Bill said...

That's a great idea the BCC had, I hope it'll be a success.

Ann said...

I like the colour. You'd certainly see it coming. Free is always good.

the foto fanatic said...

Thanks for the tip Cara - didn't know about this before reading your blog this morning. Anyway, it starts just down the road from me, so I went straight out and used it. The Valley in under 5 minutes and the City in under ten!
Cars will soon become totally unnecessary - what a good thing!

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