Wednesday, March 18, 2009

To Infinity And Beyond!

A straight, clear road, yesterday.

Autumn mornings in Brisbane are perfect: warm without being muggy and with a bright light which makes colours vibrant and the sky deep blue.


Annie said...

and not much traffic..on that road at least!

Señorita Cariño said...

is that Paddo? awwww...makes me a lil homesick

B SQUARED said...

Very nice perspective. Great shot.

Julie said...

I don't think I have enough years of life left to wait for a road to be that clear in Sydney.

Lovely shot ... I like how you have captured the dip up to the vanishing point.

cara said...

Senorita - Not Paddington, this is Boundary Street in West End looking south. I must get around to Paddington and get a few snaps though.

Julie - this road ends in a dead end at the Brisbane River about 100metres beyond the horizon in this shot with just a couple of residential streets off it. I heard a rumor they originally intended to bridge the river at that point which is why they kept the road so wide...but thankfully it didn't happened (at least for now).

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