Saturday, March 21, 2009

Queensland State Election

Queensland goes to the polls today to vote in a new state government. Thank God. I'm not a big fan of election campaigns. Politicians trying to be popular make me cringe a bit. As I'm not an Australian citizen yet, I don't get to vote so I can only watch from a comfortable distance. My significant other is an Aussie so I thought I'd follow and see how they do it in this part of the world.

Despite a plethora of independents, if the polls are to be believed it's a two horse race. It seems to me the main policy of both is that life under them won't be as bad as under the other mob.

Something to whinge about: what's all this voting on a saturday lark? Why can't we be like other civilised nations and have polling day on a weekday so we can get an extra day off work?

Something to celebrate: the ubiquitous fund-raising "Sausage Sizzle". The Aussies can't get enough of them!


Julie said...

Seems to me that the countries that have voluntary voting are the ones that hold the election mid-week. Aussies get it in the neck both ways.

PS ... I am not a fan of eating sausages. I like the smell of them. But as soon as the fat hits my tummy ... whoa!

My WV is pubsgit ... no kidding!

Anonymous said...

Wow..this pic draws so many feelings from me. Firstly, for someone from Sydney, very racially-homogenous crowd. And selling sausages and scrambled eggs? It is very old school.

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