Saturday, January 10, 2009

This Bus Terminates Here

Introducing another of Brisbane's bridges - The Eleanor Schonell bridge connecting Dutton Park with the University of Queensland. It's only a year old and is more commonly known as the "Green Bridge" because the only types of traffic allowed to use it are pedestrians, cyclists and buses. Brisbane is trying hard to give itself a green, clean image. I'm a bit confused by it, though. The university won't allow buses to drive through the campus so the buses drive over the bridge and terminate there at the uni. This doesn't seem very green to me. Surely they could have built the terminus on the Dutton Park side of the bridge, built a cycle/footbridge instead making it far more environmentally friendly and saved millions??


Julie said...

Cara cara cara ... you are in Australia now ... we dont do things in a rational way! I wonder who Eleanor Schonell was. I like the common name

There is a relatively new bridge in Sydney which did not get an official name for a couple of years. It was only when the common name - "Madonna's tits" - became popular that it was officially name the ANZAC Bridge.

abc said...

It will take a long time until everybody will start to contribute to a greener world. Some of the buses here run on natural gas too. At the moment we have a lot of natural ice (check it out).

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