Thursday, January 15, 2009

(Not The) Way To Go

This is one of the building sites working on the Hale Street Link which is a 4 lane car bridge that will soon span the Brisbane River. (Insert huge eyeroll here.) You have to admire the council for it's unshakeable belief that it is going to be the first city in the world to solve its traffic problems by building more roads. In the meantime, the city is getting used to blockages and road closures which will be in place until the project is finished probably mid-late 2010.


bitingmidge said...

The way I see it is that all those roads and tunnels will be finished about the same time that fuel is so expensive that no one will be able to afford to drive.

At least they'll be safe to cycle on.

Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

Alex G. said...

I am not against many of the council projects to develop Brisbane, but this is one of them. I guess there will be plenty of pedestrians and cyclists (I assume that will be free for them) using it but I can't see many car drivers paying $2.40 just to cross the river.

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