Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day, Digger!

There was a XXXX beer ad on in England several years back which sprang to mind when I took this picture... In the foreground is the Australian Vietnam War Memorial with the two sculpted soldiers looking thirstily towards the FourEx Brewery. I'll probably have a couple of beers today meself - just to sociable, like.


Anonymous said...

It really is a nice photograph.

Jilly said...

Great title and love the silhouettes. Happy Australia Day to you too.

Anonymous said...

Had be thinking for a moment until I realsised the subject. Well done, a great celebration of this day. Jamie B.A.

Annie said...

That's funny......but I don't know where this is? Is it in the park up on the terrace somewhere?


cara said...

Annie -

It's within the grounds of Upper Roma Street Parklands - right at the top. There are a few war memorials all in one section up there.

Annie said...

Ah, thanks Cara...must go and have a look one day...that is where I thought it must have been to get that view of the fourex factory!


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