Monday, December 5, 2011

1,2,3 What Are We Fighting For?

It's probably a bit old now but while I was on my little blogging holiday in October, Brisbane had it's very own 'Occupy' folk. They camped out in Post Office Square (pictured) for about 4 weeks until they were moved on by the council (there were a few scuffles which was quite exciting). Then they went to Queen's Park for a night or two and now it looks like the full time camp-out has stopped in favour of "flash mob occupations". I think this is because numbers are down and the few committed Occupiers in the area have to make ends meet so they have to go to work. My own opinion is that they needed to have more leadership and a set of attainable goals. But I am all for it... at least they care about what is going on in the world.

One of their recent events (according to their Facebook page) was a Flash Mob Occupation BBQ down at Orleigh Park by the river. Which would have been nice. Hey! Just because they want an end to Corporate Greed doesn't mean they have to live in a gutter and eat scraps, ok?

More wine anyone?


Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Good photo. I like the way you have incorporated the sign in the lower right.

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

PS: You may like to have a look at my "Occupy Melbourne" photos:

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