Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Papery Bark of a Tree Around The Corner

I've heard of a Paperbark Tree. Maybe this is one? It stands with two others on the pavement of a local street with its bark all ragged and falling off. Some parts come away in chunks, others in gossamer-thin leaves that float off in the wind. I love these trees!


Anonymous said...

It is a paper bark - botanical name melaleuca - but I'm not sure which one!
They love growing near water.

Our indigenous people used it for all sorts of things - sort of like thick soft cardboard;
and I think it is now used in gardening eg lining hanging baskets.

Jim said...

Beautiful texture.

Joanna said...

Really interesting bark. What does the rest of the tree look like?

Annie said...

I love paperbark trees too. But find them jolly difficult to photograph!

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