Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Papery Bark of a Tree Around The Corner

I've heard of a Paperbark Tree. Maybe this is one? It stands with two others on the pavement of a local street with its bark all ragged and falling off. Some parts come away in chunks, others in gossamer-thin leaves that float off in the wind. I love these trees!


Anonymous said...

It is a paper bark - botanical name melaleuca - but I'm not sure which one!
They love growing near water.

Our indigenous people used it for all sorts of things - sort of like thick soft cardboard;
and I think it is now used in gardening eg lining hanging baskets.

J Bar said...

Beautiful texture.

Joanna said...

Really interesting bark. What does the rest of the tree look like?

Annie said...

I love paperbark trees too. But find them jolly difficult to photograph!

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