Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Morning Rower

The days are getting longer and the mornings lighter. This was taken at 5.35 this morning with the sun a few inches over the horizon. This time in two months there won't be much of an orange tinge - the sun will be much higher in the sky. Remind me again why Queensland doesn't have daylight saving??


Mrs Santa said...

Cara, you've been here long enough to know why there is no daylight saving in Qld.

"People shouldn't mess with absolutes like time."

"It upsets the cows."

"And the extra hour of light fades the curtains!"

Gorgeous photo tho'!

Annie said...

Yes, definitely the curtains.

and the children would be coming home from school in the heat of the day.

We don't need daylight saving because we wake up early anyway.

Mrs Santa said...

Well, Cara your OS fans would think after reading the above comments that we, the Qld Aussie we, are just a mob of mad yobbos - and I guess some of us do belong!

But not Mrs Santa or Annie - we're a bit of tongue in cheek.Hehe!

But! there is one good thing about not having daylight saving in Qld - those of we Qld bushies who have satellite TV can now watch NSW TV an hour earlier and so can get to bed a bit earlier after watching our fave programmes.

Alan said...

I reckon your eye for a good photograph is getting better every week, Cara. That's not to suggest it was rubbish at any time, you understand:-)

cara said...

Thanks Alan. Funnily enough I feel the opposite way and feel the momentum for my blog screeching to a grinding halt. Searching desperately for new inspiration.

Alan said...

Just read your response. Given that I'm not the best role model for blogging longevity, I don't suppose I'd have been able to say anything to motivate you otherwise. I, for one, really hope you really will be back in December!

Saeid said...

Nice picture.The golden color of sun make it so pretty

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