Friday, June 17, 2011

Through The Window Skywatch

I caught the 199 back to West End the other day
Settled down in a window seat
Excellent for people watching
Or nice-house spotting.
But on this particular afternoon
The streets were eerily quiet
And the houses were cloaked in winter shadows
The sky didn't want any distractions
So I set about giving it my full attention.

*part of Skywatch Friday*


Bare Mio said...

Beautiful shot!
Have a great weekend.

fjÀllripan said...

Wonderful clouds! Have a nice weekend :)

Stan said...

Glorious cloud formation!! I like how you framed the sky using the overpass and houses--

Pierre BOYER said...

Great !
Regards from France,


Alan O'Riordan said...

Worthy of full attention too, that sky.

LauraX said...

So beautiful!

Alan O'Riordan said...

I just spotted those shoes hanging off the electricity lines. Apparently you have a drug dealer nearby, if the internet is to be trusted.

Thanks so much for your tips. I'm doubly impressed that you found the time to even write that, given your commitments! I will do my best to follow your guidelines, but I'm already concerned about my stayng power!

J Bar said...

Good one.

Carola said...

Stunning sky. Such a beauty captured out of the bus.

BrandNewStudio said...


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