Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flood Proofing, Queensland-style

 Queensland homes are traditionally built on stumps. It has for some time been the trend that people with enough money would raise the level of their home in order to make way for a couple of rooms underneath. Round our way in Hill End, people are going up to escape another inundation.

Unfortunately for me, I live in a brick and concrete block of units so we're rooted. (To the ground).


Pierre BOYER said...

It remember me Gruissan's houses in south of France...
Great !


Mrs Santa said...

The piles of wood holding up the house before the new stumps are in place are called - for whatever unknown reason - pig styes!

Problem is of course, that no one can predict how high the next flood will be - or even if there will be one - so how high do you go?

Alan said...

From my limited experience of Queenslanders, those rooms underneath are havens for geckos and massive huntsman spiders. Ugh!

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