Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baptist Tabernacle

This is the Baptist Tabernacle in Wickham Terrace. It's a big imposing church built about 150 years ago by architect Richard Gailey who seemed to have a bit of a Protestant work ethic...er despite being a Baptist. If you are interested in the buildings in Brisbane that Gailey has left behind, this post in Your Brisbane: Past and Present is well worth a look. I was after a shot from inside of the big glass window but it was closed. Still, the outside's not too shabby. Particularly with that fetching red trim!
(That other building in the background is a hint at Queensland's more common colonial architecture)

I'm off for a few days - posting will hopefully continue till I'm back


Julie said...

No no ... Baptist is still Protestant.

This is a bit ornate and out-there for the Baptists, isn't it? They were a bunch of wowsers ...

Leif Hagen said...

Heavenly photo of a gorgeous Baptist Tabernacle! I wonder what it looks like inside ... (hint, hint)

cewmont said...

Yes--Baptists are protestant. I was thinking the same also, that it was ornate for a Baptist church. But it is a very nice photo!!

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