Tuesday, January 29, 2013

She alright!

The sun came out and shone this morning on what was a very swollen, muddy, fast moving river. But the great thing for us in West End is that it just lapped the edges of the park - a lot less than we had been preparing for.  We saw some logs and bits of pontoons go past at speed but thankfully not all the debris and boats and household goods we saw during the flood 2 years ago...

My thoughts are with the people further north in the state, particularly Bundaberg. They've had a real battering with high speed water up to the eaves of their houses, having to be rescued by helicopter from their roofs. I don't envy them the task ahead but if the folk up north are anything like they are down south, there will be lots of support, plenty of laughter through the tears and new friends to be made along the way.


Steve Capelin said...

I decided not to catch the ferry to work this morning. Good to see you back posting photos. Steve

Rae Walter said...

Good to hear that you are safe Cara. It is certainly tough for many though.

Mrs Santa said...


SO glad you are not spending it cleaning up your flood debris. Whoohoo!!

cara said...

CHeers Nell! xx

Annie said...

Whew, so pleased it didn't come too close, Cara! Had the power off for a few days here, but no damage.

nitu said...

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Unknown said...

Oh dear, I can imagine your relief upon discovering that the flood wasn't as bad as expected. I heard of the airport in Proserpine being closed and the highway too, I feel for the people up north!

Joanna said...

I have been absent for such a long time here, but now that I've stopped in again I'm very glad to see that your flooding wasn't that bad. As long as it kept out of your flat, that's one headache avoided. My friends who live near there also had no flooding, but I hope the people further away will get relief soon.
Happy to see your posts again Cara

tollywoodpolitics said...


Anonymous said...

Great captures

Jill said...

Heh Cara, Time for a few glimpses of magic winter days???

Unknown said...

Oh dear, I will imagine your relief upon discovering that the flood wasn't as dangerous evidently. I detected of the aerodrome in Proserpina being closed and therefore the road too, I sorrow the folks up north!
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Jenny Ekberg said...

Hi there, I am Jenny. Oh, how many times I have waited there! How many times I have been on my way to something exciting, cursing the ferry if it was late. I love your blog so much. It really captures this city which for me is now Home after living here for almost 13 years.

I am originally from Sweden, a neuroscientist and lecturer at QUT. I came here as a young, wide-eyed students, I was 23 and in love with a brown-eyed Aussie who broke my heart. I am still here, happy, content, with a family of my own.

I write a blog called Lily of the Valley Brisbane together with some friends, also Brisbanites, some born here, others from elsewhere but have lived here for some time. I love Brisbane's hills, its Queenslander houses, the way the moon hangs so low in the sky, the multiculturalism, and most of all, the People of Brisbane. There is something about Brisbanites; a mix of compassion of humor that I have never before come across.

Here is our blog address in case someone is interested:


Jenny Ekberg said...

PS. I now see that it is your birthday. Happy Birthday Cara!!! xx

Anonymous said...

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Imagebloke said...

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