Monday, October 22, 2012

Jacaranda Park, Yeronga

I am still here!

 Recently I bought a couple of toy lenses for my camera phone - $35 for a macro AND a fisheye. This is taken with the macro although you'd be forgiven for thinking it was the fisheye. I think the difference is the direction of the curve in the lens - one is concave and one convex.

 You don't realise just how many jacaranda trees there are in Brisbane until October when they suddenly explode into blossoms and then are blown into carpets of purple all along the streets. I love it!

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Mozette said...

I love Jacarandas... I used to have one outside my townhouse in a Body Corporate garden until it was chopped down some 7 years ago by the chairperson (who didn't tell anyone about it). So, when I went out that day to do my shopping, it was there, looking gorgeous; but when I came home, there were loppers there and chainsaws... it was awful!

The worse thing was that I had only just bought my little budgie and she wasn't yet a year old. Poor Little Miss Stevie was found screeching her head off loudly, trying to push herself through the bars of her cage. It was a little wonder she didn't die from the shock of it all. But she's still with me today... but I do miss that Jacaranda.

The reason why it was lopped was because apparently, the Body Corporate chairperson had received complains that the flowers made the pathway slippery after rain, so she had it chopped down... if the flowers were swept up every day by management of the complex, it wouldn't be so bad. But she was a person who took things to the extreme.

Joanna said...

I'm happy you're still here Cara. I had a lot of distractions and got very behind on my blog reading, but I'm back to checking them out and how nice to see the Jacaranda today! More please...

George said...

Nice photo. We have Jacarandas in my hometown and seeing this photo gave me some flashbacks on my hometown. Keep sharing!

Laura said...

I moved away from Brisbane for about three years and missed the jacaranda tree popping out everywhere. This last October was the first after those three years and absolutely loved looking at the purple-flowered trees lining the streets.

Unknown said...

What a creative shot! Great angle!
I have a soft spot for jacarandas since I lived in OZ. Thanks for this lovely reminder.

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