Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stand-off at Musgrave Park

I couldn't really see much as the police had cordoned off the area with fences and blocked off the footpaths but the Sovereign Embassy in Musgrave Park this morning was not the happy peaceful place it was a couple of weeks ago when I visited. Scroll down to my May 1 post for shots of what it looks like.

Over the weekend, the residents were asked by the Mayor to vacate the site. The council has offered them another piece of land but the residents say that this is in fact their land with their sacred fire and they have no intention of leaving.

Today, over 200 police have surrounded the camp site in the north-western corner of the park. This is to make way for Panyiri this weekend which is the annual Greek festival held on the site (and the rest of Musgrave Park). Organisers of the festival have reportedly said they have no problem with the campers being there but Brisbane City Council haven't been swayed.


Adrianne Molin said...

I don't think that the residents would vacate the area that fast.

Puerto Azul

Rae Walter said...

Interesting, I was not aware that this had arisen in Brisbane. Thanks Cara.

Mrs Santa said...

Back to the Joh days which I thought complacently were gone forever; I'm "really" looking forward to the next anti coal seam gas blockade here in our Scenic Rim-we were assured by the Newman lot pre election that there would Be NO mining in our shire - now we are officially informed that mining will only take place where APPROPRIATE! so soon! so blatant! and we are so ready!

Julie said...

Now, all that was reported down south EXCEPT for the bit saying the Greek organisers did not mind the sacred fire remaining.

Alan said...

So what happened in the end?

cara said...

Well it's still ongoing. The embassy was relocated to a small area on the other side of the park where only perhaps 4 tents remained. They brought the coals from the original fire with them so the fire is still burning. The Greek Festival went ahead over the weekend without a hitch. I went to visit the embassy folks to deliver some photos I'd taken and they told me they were going to head straight back to where they were as soon as the festival was over (that's today). I'll be heading back there probably in a week or two when the numbers start to build up so I can take more photos.... and to answer your other question, Alan, the "Occasional" is working out really well. I have a lot more mental space it's so...relaxing!

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