Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rusty Water Tank

This tank sits in a property a couple of hours out of Brisbane. I go and visit it at least twice a year to see how it's progressing.


Inner Artist said...

LOVE that photo! Do you mean you go back twice a year to see how the rust is progressing? I understand completely - I have a penchant for rusty things which I scavenge from country friends' properties and bring back to make into art.

Alan said...

I like shots like this as it gives me a chance to say impressive things like "Super bokeh" or "Great DOF"... seriously though, it's "awesome"!

Mrs Santa said...

A wise old kookaburra just mentioned that this tank might soon enjoy a little move to a new home, and there become very useful once more - and still keep its own special beauty.

The move won't upset your photographic rust record - not at all.

technoleverage said...

Great shot, it never looks like a rusty crap to me..

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