Saturday, November 6, 2010

Advanced Australian Fayre

Last night I went out to dinner at Tukka in West End with 3 salivating carnivores who couldn't wait to tuck into the speciality of the restaurant: native Australian animals. Kangaroo, crocodile, buffalo and possum all featured extensively as did some less offensive bush-tucker stuff like mountain pepperberry and bush tomatoes. My friends all raved about it. I found it a bit difficult to get my head around but was pleasantly surprised by the taste - and the ambience and service were great.


Annie said...

mmm...gosh...havent heard of possumm on the menu...thought it would have been a protected species somehow.
A bit of a shame one can't catch and try some scrub turkey. That'd be interesting? Though probably a bit tough. And it is protected too, so guess that one won't be advertised anywhere.

jhonny said...

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