Saturday, June 20, 2009

Traffic Stopping Art (number 21)

Rugby League is the sport of choice for the majority of Brisbanites. The local team is the Broncos. I find it all eye-rollingly boring. Bunch of big blokes with poor inter-personal skills chasing around after eachother and a funny shaped ball in between fights. Sadly for me, some of my close friends regard it as a religion. This box is on Castlemaine Street which has the XXXX brewery on one side and the Suncorp Stadium (the self-proclaimed home of Rugby League). RrrRRRrrrr. Lots of testosterone round here.

Posting magically continues despite me being on me hols. Back in late June.


david said...

Hi Cara,

I was hoping you'd get around to this one. It was done by me and a friend of mine - with a couple of friends popping by ocassionally to do a few brushstrokes.

(I'm not that great an artist - my friend had the real talent - but boy can i colour-in!)


cara said...

Brilliant! Thanks for visiting, David. I was in a dilemma with this box because it looks good from all angles. Your colouring-in is spot on.

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